Age of Zombies winners announced!

After over 100 entries and some pretty bloody zombies facts, we’re proud to be announcing the winners of the contest! The Age of Zombies fans who offered up the juiciest fact ideas will be snagging some sweet gear!

To get started, we’ll go ahead and crown our first place prize winner! Scoring a beer stein, t-shirt, coffee mug and download copy of Age of Zombies, congrats go to madconfusion for his awesome zombie fact!

“You actually don’t have to be faster than zombies to get away. Just faster than the guy behind you.”

Second place goes to Carlos Bautista, combining zombie goodness with a classic convention of comedy:

“They don’t go for blondes because they don’t like I.O.U’s.”

And finally, third place is awarded to Cooper:

“Zombies find pirate jokes unamusing.”

Congratulations to all the winners, you will be contacted via email and prizes shall be coming shortly! A huge thanks to everyone who entered, and don’t forget to keep track of the Halfbrick Blog – we’ll have some exciting new announcements very soon, and the final game will be hitting the App Store before the end of October!

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