WATCH: Tell-all Fruit Ninja documentary out now!

From the depths of obscurity to one billion downloads, Fruit Ninja has come a long way in the space of five years. Now, for the very first time, Halfbrick is sharing the entire story behind the game’s success, including a candid look at how it saved (and then made) a little known studio from Brisbane, Australia.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the developers who made it, as well as commentary from fans now hopelessly addicted to eviscerating fruit, this feature-length documentary is a celebration of the underdog, and proof of what is possible when a good idea, hard work, and team spirit combine.

Thank you to our fans for making this possible!


*Exclusive tell-all interview with Halfbrick CEO, Shaniel Deo.
*Untold stories courtesy of original Fruit Ninja team members Luke Muscat, Jason Harwood, Joe Gatling, Stephen Last, and Shath Maguire.
*A quick look at the Fruit Ninja 5th anniversary updates for all of your favourite Halfbrick games.
*A sneak peek into the future of the Fruit Ninja universe.

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