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Fruit Ninja Kinect

YOU are the ninja!

The worldwide gaming phenomenon Fruit Ninja is on Kinect! Your arms are now blades, and the epic battle against the world’s most delicious produce is just beginning.

Fruit Ninja Kinect is an amazing evolution of the slice-em-up genre created by Halfbrick, utlising next-gen power for the juiciest combat ever! With Classic, Zen and the frenetic Arcade Mode, Fruit Ninja Kinect includes all the action you know and love with precision control – along with special features exclusive to Kinect! With Party Mode, multiple players can turn a normal night into a fierce tournament – and the new Challenge system will reveal the true masters among your friends!

Available on:

Xbox Kinect


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People who love to swing their arms

“It doesn’t just set a high bar for the flock of touch-based apps which will almost certainly follow in its footsteps to the Kinect platform – it sets a pretty intimidating precedent for the platform altogether.” – Joystiq

“Even when my arms get tired and I have enough for the day, the game entices me to play one more session to try raise my score” – 1up

“Could it be that Fruit Ninja is the crucial game which silences the critics and proves that Kinect can provide something that just isn’t possible elsewhere?” – Pure Xbox


Fruit Ninja Kinect Press Asset Pack

Contains logo, icon, screenshots, banners and video.

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