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Star Skater

Don’t just cross the road, own it!

Crazy Downhill Skating Action
Skate down mountain roads and busy city streets, fearlessly dodging cars and trucks at high speed. Try not to crash!

Quirky Skaters
Unlock cool characters like Giggles the Clown, Fluffy, and Whomper, then deck them out with new boards.

Do Tricks with Steez
Gain speed and flip out. Pull off power-slides, switch-foots and jumps with style and ease…steez!

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Latest Update

YouTube Stars Skate-off

Your favourite YouTube Stars are competing for Star Skater glory! Pick a crew, collect trophies, and help your team achieve victory!

Every player who contributes 50 trophies to the winning team will receive a special prize pack. There are also three exclusive decks to win along the way!

Plus 10 new levels featuring dark caves, rickety bridges and epic jumps.


Star Skater Press Asset Pack

Contains logo, icon, screenshots, banners and video.

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